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I'm Tonya

Your millennial money expert. I specialize in helping people, like you, write their own financial success story so that they can live lives they love.


What makes me an expert?


I’m glad you asked.

I’ve been featured in:

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but don't take it from them...

"It Takes 10,000 Hours to Become an Expert in Anything."

Malcom Gladwell

Let's Do the Math

I generally work* 280 days a year at an average of 9 hours a day.

I started My Fab Finance in 2013, but turned it into a business that serves others in 2014.

Hours a Day
Days a Year
Years in Business
Total Hours

280 days x 9 hours a day x 4 years = 10,080 hours.

It’s safe to say that I don’t just claim to be a millennial money expert. I am a millennial money expert. Some have called me THE Millennial Money Expert.

I didn’t receive this title because of my schooling or the letters behind my name. I received it because I’ve committed my life to this work forsaking even my own weekends, at times, to help  people like you.

I am committed to helping you.

Listen, I know the journey can seem overwhelming. That’s why we take it step by step, piece by piece so that you can lay a strong financial foundation and then build your wealthy house on top of it.

You can and will become more confident making decision about your financial future.

You may even become the financial expert in your circle.

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You’re getting serious about your journey a little later in life, that’s fine! What matters most is that you’re staring.

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